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car insurance in delhi

want to know about Delhi car insurance ? if yes then this article is for you. After reading this article you will have the complete information about insurance of car in Delhi.

Having an insurance policy is very important for everyone- both ethically and legally. An insurance policy not only saves your property but the third-party property too, that saves you from heavy financial losses. It provides an financial compensation in case of any unfortunate incidents too.

Taking the case of Delhi, where even after having multiple commercial travel services such as trains, metro, buses, etc. but instead it ranks one of the highest private vehicle owners in the country. Due of one of the highest populous cities in India and a large chunk of population using personal vehicle, there comes the need for an insurance policy for vehicle owners in case of any unfortunate incidents.

In fact, Delhi tops the country in the number of road accidents every year that makes sense for an insurance policy. This safeguard not only the unfortunate incidents but also compensate such unexpected financial losses.

Why should you buy a car insurance in Delhi ?

There is no doubt and dual senses in the importance of a car insurance, but here are the some of the facts and points that you may consider while searching or purchasing any insurance policy.

  1. Brand value and trust –  Brand value has a very high importance for any insurance policy. You should always looks for the brand value and trust for the specific insurance provider before getting any insurance policy.
  2. Comprehensive cover – Considering for a comprehensive cover helps compensate you against own damage as well as the third party damages too. This means you are compensated against damage to any other property that’s not yours too. This means the customer is getting complete coverage against any issues.
  3.  Coverage for other damage and loss – You should chose an insurance policy that provide you coverage for other losses and damages such as fire, terrorist activities, natural disaster, theft, etc too.
  4. Personal accident cover – With a personal accident cover or PA cover, there is insured for medical treatment to the vehicle owner or the driver if they face any injury. However you can learn about personal accident cover or PA cover in detail here.
  5. High claim settlement ratio- The higher the claim settlement ration, higher is the chance of getting your claims settled, therefor you should always look up for claim settlement ration of any insurance provider before purchasing any insurance policy.
  6. Wide range of garages- A cashless garages ensures you for cashless repairs at their garage. So having a high number of cashless garage means higher possibility of location in your city.
  7. Third party coverages- A third party coverage allows the compensation for losses to the other vehicles and properties. This has a heavy impact for the financial losses.
  8. Optional riders- Optional riders covers you for some optional conditions where the insurance policy not applies, thus having multiple optional features helps you to get covered in those optional situations.
  9. Good customer support team- A dedicated customer support team helps you resolve your doubts and queries in case you want. Thus preferring an insurance policy with better customer support team is beneficial in case of resolutions of any issues.

Buying a car insurance in Delhi

Before purchasing any insurance policy it is important to look up for some details so that you can figure out your preferred insurance policy. Choosing a comprehensive car insurance will be beneficial because it covers standalone own damage, third party damages and other damages that gives you complete freedom of mind.

NCB (No Claim Bonus) provided to the user is a type of incentive that provides addition discount in the insurance purchase if the user has not made a claim in the past 1 year. This discount percentage keeps increase for the increase in the no-claimed period.

Zero depreciation cover insures the user against any depreciation for the car value. This means you don’t have to worry about the price of your car.

Additionally, you should also look for the customization available for the particular insurance provider. This helps you to customize your insurance plan in your way according to your needs.

How to file a claim for a car insurance ?

First of all it is necessary to inform the insurance provider as soon as possible after any unfortunate incident. They will guide you with the steps to claim for your insurance. However these steps may guide you for filing a claim for car insurance.

  1. Head over to the official website of your insurance provider.
  2. Check for any raising the claims option and click on it.
  3. Enter all the required details as described and asked in the forms and enter.
  4. Now provide all the required documents as asked such as First Information Report (FIR) copy in case of any accident, no trace report from police if the vehicle has been stolen, legal notice from the concerned party for third party claims, hospital bill in case of personal accident cover, car repair bill from garage in case of any reimbursement, policy details and personal details. Submit all the required documents for further proceeding.
  5. Get your car to a cashless garage network of the insurance provider for cashless repairs.
  6. After all the investigation, the insurance provider verifies all the details and then they will accept your claim.

Need for a proper car insurance in Delhi

Due to the ever-growing high population, being a city of national importance, and sharing the border with multiple states, there is evergreen traffic and thus the increase in number of accidents happening in the city.

It is mandatory to have a valid third party insurance policy as per the motor vehicle act, 1988. Having a third party insurance insures you against the damage occurring to the third party vehicles and properties. While a comprehensive car insurance helps you with insuring  the standalone damage too along with third party insurance.

Some other optional coverage helps you insured against some other incidents such as natural calamities, fire, theft, terror attack, riots, etc. along with it the personal accident cover insures the hospital bills for the injured owner or the driver. in this way a proper insurance policy insures you completely against these unfortunate incidents and providing you with a complete peace of mind.


In this post we have discussed about the insurance policy in Delhi, points to consider before purchasing an insurance policy, what is the need for an insurance policy, how to file a claim, and several other topics for buying car insurance in Delhi. We have also known about the car insurance in Delhi in complete detail. However if you have any doubts or queries, feel free to ask us in the provided section below.

*This website do not promotes or sponsors any insurance provider. Always check for complete detail and do proper research before purchasing any insurance policy.

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