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is acko car insurance good

want to know about car insurance that is provided by Acko is considered reliable and beneficial or not ? if yes then this article is for you . After reading this article you will know Is Acko Car Insurance is Right For You or not.

What is Acko car insurance

Acko general insurance is a private sector general insurance company founded in November 2016 which got its licence from Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India, IRDAI in September 2017. Acko car insurance is a subsidiary of Acko Technology and Services Private Limited and deals in the field of health insurance, car insurance, travel insurance and life insurance etc.

Founded in 2016, Acko car insurance company has gained a lot of popularity due to its many game changing, innovative and user friendly features. The company has created an extra cutting edge due to its fully digital and paperless approach.

From selling and renewing policies to settling claims, all the processes are completely digital. Digital environment has also helped provide policies at lower prices due to less operational cost compared to other traditional insurers.

Is Acko car insurance good

Yes it can be good to insure your car with Acko car insurance due to its features, customer services and availability of a variety of plans including limited liability and full coverage(comprehensive insurance) options.

It offers plans with low rates and high coverage along with a good settlement ratio of 82.35%. Also it has 24/7 customer service and special discounts too. They also offer insurance against third party liabilities, damages occurred due to accident, fire, natural calamities and theft as well.

Features of Acko car insurance

Let us discuss about the different features offered by Acko car insurance company.

  1. Wide network of cashless garage network
  2. 24*7 customer service for solving queries
  3. Convenient, time saving and effective process due to 100% digital process for buying and renewal of policies
  4. Low premium of policies due to less operational cost
  5. Quick renewal due to smooth digital operation
  6. Availability of a variety of add-ons and customizations
  7. 1 hr pickup for selected area, repair and doorstep delivery in three days with no extra cost
  8. Claim approval decision within 7 working days after submitting documents

Add-on covers provided by Acko car insurance

Now that we understand different features of Acko car insurance, it’s time to know about different add-ons availability.

  1. Zero depreciation cover – Suitable for a new car, it helps to not depreciate your car’s value due to wear and tear.
  2. Engine protection offer – This cover helps cover loss beared by policyholder due to engine damage.
  3. No claim bonus protection – This cover helps save the No Claim Bonus discount despite making a claim. This NCB gets finished once after making a claim.
  4. Roadside assistance cover- The policyholder gets 24*7 roadside assistance with this cover.
  5. Key replacement cover – This cover insures damage due to losing the key and replacement of the lost, stolen or damaged key and replacing the lock.
  6. Personal Accident cover for passengers – This cover insures the passengers with a sum of 1 lakh in case of any mishap resulting in permanent disability or death.

What’s not covered under the car insurance

Here are the cases in which the car insurance policy does not apply and the claim would be rejected in those cases.

  1. Electrical or mechanical breakdown
  2. Normal wear and tear
  3. Driving without a valid driving licence
  4. Driving under the influence of alcohol / drugs
  5. Using car for illegal purposes
  6. Commercial use of private car
  7. Damage due to negligence

How to buy Acko car insurance policy

As discussed above Acko has complete digital operation for purchasing and renewing policies.

  1. To purchase a policy, login to the official website of Acko car insurance.
  2. Choose your cover and add-on preference
  3. Make the payment and your policy has been purchased

Document needed for buying Acko car insurance:

You need the following document for purchasing a car insurance

  1. ID proof and address proof ( govt. IDs)
  2. Driving licence
  3. Passport size photo
  4. Registration car of car
  5. Previous car insurance policy detail (if)

Renewal process for Acko car insurance

Before renewing your car insurance policy, it is required to follow these steps that are very much similar to purchasing Acko car insurance.

  1. Confirming about your requirement
  2. Choosing a suitable insurance policy and add-on cover
  3. Make payment and yes your policy has been renewed on Acko car insurance.

How to make Acko car insurance claim

It can be raised a claim by providing the required details either on the website or by calling the customer care executive. You will be provided a claim status periodically. Details required are

  1. Registration number of car
  2. policy number 
  3. Description of the incident and photograph of vehicle
  4. In case of theft or damage to any third party or property, FIR will be submitted

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Now we have understood everything about Acko car insurance in detail. Acko car insurance provides different types of insurance policies with a wide variety of add-on covers.

It’s totally on the policyholder to do proper research and choose a policy that meets up to its requirements and budget.

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