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is pa cover mandatory for bike insurance

want to know about that in bike insurance it is mandatory to cover the PA ? if yes then this article is for you.

After reading this article you will have the complete information about mandatory to cover PA in bike insurance.

As per motor vehicles act, 1988 It is mandatory to purchase a PA cover for those who do not have accidental coverage of at least 15 lakhs.

It is known to everyone that any unpredictable mishap can cause accidents that lead to several injuries, sometimes fatal or death, resulting in heavy financial and personal loss. So it is of great importance that one should have proper insurance from a good insurance provider.

In this article we are going to understand the importance and benefits of a personal accident cover (PA cover). Let’s go!

What is a PA cover ?

A Personal Accident insurance cover is an insurance different from life and health insurance that provides compensation to the vehicle owner in case of any injury, death or any mishap due to an accident.

In India, Personal accident cover (PA cover) is mandatory for vehicle owners, as per the motor vehicles act, 1988. It is mandatory along with vehicle insurance, whether it is comprehensive or third party. It acts as an extra security cover along with your vehicle insurance.

You have to pay an extra  premium for it but it is totally worth it. Overall it is very important for  you and your family’s safety and security.

Importance of having a PA cover – Benefits of having it

Coming with an additional premium but Personal accident cover comes up with a lot of extra advantages along with vehicle insurance. Let’s check it out

  1. No medical test
  2. Minimal documentation
  3. Financial security
  4. Mental peace
  5. Medical assistance financial support
  6. Easy claim process

No medical test – You should not have to undergo any medical test for getting a PA cover.

Minimal documentation – There is a misconception about getting insurance that you have to complete a lot of paperwork, but in case of PA cover you have to fill up only minimum required details, so it’s easy to go.

Financial security – This cover provides you with sufficient financial coverage in case of physical disability or death. Along with it the entire insured amount is also provided to your nominee in case of accidental death.

Mental peace – You have a mental peace as in case of any mishap, your family will get paid the compensation. So nothing to tense about.

Medical assistance financial support – Accidents can be dangerous which affects the user about huge medical bills. There comes the PA cover that covers all your medical expenses.

Easy claim process – People are worried about an important thing before taking any policy , that is claims. The claiming process of a PA cover is easy. Now let us know how to claim PA cover.

How to claim PA cover ?

One has to file a claim for any cover to get compensation. In case of accidental death, the nominee has to file the claim.

  1. Informing by the insurer
  2. Getting a FIR and witness
  3. Fill required details and sign and then wait for approval.

Exceptional case

However there are some exceptional cases where you cannot file for claim of a PA cover, such as-

  1. Death due to illegal acts
  2. Injury or death due to any toxic substance such as alcohol, drugs, etc.
  3. Any suicide or self harming attempt


So it is now known that not only legally but ethically also we must have an Personal Accidental cover so as to get compensation for your injury or to your family in case of any unforeseen condition.

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*We are not promoting any insurance provider. Do personal research before buying any policy.

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