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messi leg insurance indian currency

want to know about the price of Lionel Messi leg insurance in Indian currency ? if yes then this article is for you.

After reading this article you will have the complete information about Lionel Messi leg insurance price in Indian currency.

Why is Messi leg insured ?

Being a sports enthusiast, you have watched different sports including football. Now football is a serious muscle power game which may leave players injured in different parts. There comes the insurance of different body parts including leg insurance, which can be done by the player itself or the team/ company backing them. Leg insurance!! Wondered right! Let’s get into detail.

While playing at elite level, there is a high possibility of getting injured that might result in permanent damage. In such a condition, the player is unable to play which results in heavy financial loss for the player and the team/ sponsors. To overcome this situation, the player itself or the team sponsoring insures the specific body part of the player.

Player NameInsurance Amount
Lionel MessiLeg insurance – €750 million
Christiano RonaldoLeg insurance – €130 million

What is body part insurance ?

What comes to your mind by the word “Insurance” – Health insurance, Life insurance, Term insurance, etc. But what is your opinion about body part insurance? Let me explain. See body part insurance is a specific type of highly customised insurance taken by some famous celebrity, sportsperson, etc for a specific body part that is most important for their carrier

The seven time winner and recent FIFA World cup winner, Lionel Messi, has insured his left leg. This is the leg he used to score multiple goals, thus being his lifeline, is insured at a very high amount.

Worth of Messi leg insurance

Lionel Messi is one of the greatest footballers of all time and one of the most followed and highlighted sports celebrities. When it comes to his leg insurance, it will blow your mind as it is one of the most costly body part insurance. His leg is insured at a whopping amount of €750 million.

Arguably this seems normal when it comes to Player like Messi, who has a lot of achievements including winning the 2022 FIFA world cup which makes him the only player to win the FIFA world cup twice. He also holds the record for largest no of goals in a session.

Lionel Messi leg insurance Price value in Indian currency

It is not about whole body insurance, it’s also not about both of his legs. This is his money maker and game changer. This is the leg which he used to dribble, to play shots and to score most of his goals. Yup! You guessed right. This is his left leg which is insured at an insane amount of €750 million. This insurance amount whitewashes all other sports insurance till date.

Messi Leg insurance – €750 million

Messi leg insurance indian currency – around INR 6650 crores

Compare to Ronaldo leg insurance indian currency

As we have discussed Lionel messi leg insurance india currency. Let us know about Ronaldo leg insurance indian currency. His rival cristiano ronaldo’s legs are insured at €130 million. This can be said as ronaldo legs are insured for about 1150 crore in indian currency.

Ronaldo Leg insurance – €130 million

Ronaldo leg insurance indian currency – around INR 1150 crore

David Beckham had his legs insured at 195 million USD ( 1605 crore INR) which was upgraded to full body insurance for 225 million USD( 1852 crore). Although this is also a huge amount, it is not even close to Messi.

Player NameInsurance Amount (in indian currency)
Lionel MessiLeg insurance – €750 million – approx INR 6650 crores
Christiano RonaldoLeg insurance – €130 million – approx INR 1150 crores


In this post we have learned about body part insurance, amount of messi leg insurance in indian currency and also compared with ronaldo leg insurance indian currency. If you have any doubts, please let us know in the comment section below. You can study more insurance topics on this site. Thanks for reading.

*all the insurance amount are approximate numbers available on internet

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