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want to know about the price of car insurance in Mumbai ? if yes then this article is for you. After reading this article you will have the complete information about the car insurance price in Mumbai.

Mumbai is a dream city for everyone. Who doesn’t want to settle in Mumbai. With such a demand comes very high population and thus the higher number of individual car owners. This gives the heavy congestion in traffic, giving rise to so many unfortunate accidents.

There are multiple public transport system available out there but multiple people want to travel in their individual vehicle. However, it is mandatory to travel with a valid vehicle insurance as it insures the driver-owner, drivers and first party and third party properties. This provides as a complete security cover.

Why should you buy a car insurance in Mumbai?

Car insurance is a mandatory tool both legally and ethically. It is mandatory to have a valid third party insurance to drive in India as per the motor vehicles act, 1988. As the car insurance protects you from all damages, helps you insured against those damages and provide you with a financial compensation in case of any unfortunate mishap.

However there are some situation that are not covered in the insurance policy generally, but you can also add those features and situations by adding optional covers. Here is the list of some of the optional covers that you must be aware of-

  1. No claim-bonus (NCB) protection cover
  2. Roadside assistance (RSA) cover
  3. Personal accident (PA) cover
  4. Cover against depriciation
  5. Key replacement cover
  6. Engine safety cover, etc.

Claim settlement ratio is the percentage of claims that are have been accepted by the company and higher the claim settlement ratio better than insurance policy is this means you have a high chance of getting your claims accepted if the CSR or claim settlement ratio of the company is higher. Therefore you should check the measurement ratio before purchasing any insurance policy.

Another important point is the ease of purchasing an insurance policy. This means that how easy or how can you purchase any insurance policy from the comfort of your home. This can be done by digitalising the complete process from purchasing a policy to getting the clams approved.

One more things to notice should be the number of cashless garage by the insurance provider. The higher the number of cashless caries the better the chances are you can find those garage in your city to. The benefit of cashless garage is to repair your vehicle without paying and a front cost and it is beard by the company.

Types of car insurance plans in Mumbai

1. Third party coverage- this type of insurance coverage covers only third party devices and are limited to the damages made to the third party vehicle are the properties. This do not covers the own damage and many more time is better covered n n comprehensive insurance cover.

2. comprehensive coverage this type of insurance coverage cover that party damages along with Standard on damage. This means the coverage is not limited to third party object or vehicle only but the damages made to the own vehicle to. The coverage referred for the following situations

1. Natural disaster such as earthquake flood etc.

2. Any external accidents

3. Fire and lightning

4. Theft and robbery

5. Terror attacks, riots, strikes, etc.

6. Explosion and ignition

How to file a claim for a insurance

To file clean for a vehicle insurance can be easy task due to the digital upgrades available nowadays. There are different processes for different insurance provider but there are some key points to be noted for climbing insurance from any insurance.

  1. Hyderabad to the official website of provider and check out the claim support page and file Enclave. Now enter all the necessary details such as the policy number personal details and everything required on website. Now you have to select a method for cashless repairs or reimbursement.
  • Now wait for the insurance providers approval before the check out and approve verify all the details tell me contact to the nearest gasless garage or go for the reimbursement process.

Here Is the list of some of the documents that required for the for any vehicle insurance next line

  1. Claim form filled dully
  2. FIR copy in case of an accident
  3. No trace report from police in case of theft
  4. Legal notice in case of an third party damage.
  5. Personal details
  6. Policy details
  7. Repair bills in case of reimbursement
  8. Hospital bills in case of PA cover

It is mandatory to have a valid third party insurance policy to drive legally as per the motor vehicle act 1988. Driving car without a valid insurance policy is same as studying for his exam without book. With a highly populous and crowded city llike Mumbai insurance is must for everyone to drive safely.

However if you have any doubt or query regarding jt you can ask it to us. You can also read many more posts about different terms related to insurance on this website.

*this website do not promotes any insurance policy. Please do your proper research before purchasing any insurance policy.

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