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which car insurance is best in bangalore

want to know best car insurance in Bangalore ? if yes then this article is for you.

After reading this article you will have to complete information about Bangalore best car insurance.

Having a third party comprehensive insurance is mandatory in India as per motor vehicle act, 1988. In this article we are going to discuss about the best type of car insurance in Bangalore.

Do you know that according to statistics published by New India Assurance in 2014, more than 70% of bikers and around 33% of car owners do not have a motor insurance, despite knowing the fact that motor insurance is compulsory- both lawfully and ethically. Although this is an old report, we should understand the value and importance of motor insurance.

Do you want to know which is the best car insurance for you in Bangalore? Then this is the perfect place for you. Today we are going to know about different types of insurance, factors to consider while choosing an insurance and some perfect tips to know about insurance. 

Different types of insurance coverage available in Bangalore

While choosing a car insurance in Bangalore, there are several coverage available, but the most common known are third party, comprehensive and standalone third party insurance.

In this article we are going to discuss the most important and famous ones that are – third party insurance and comprehensive insurance. Understanding the types will not only help you choose a perfect policy cover for you, but also help you save from hefty fines.

Depending on your needs, you can choose any type of car insurance in Bangalore. Let us get to know each one one by one in detail along with its pros and cons.

Third party insurance

Third party insurance is the most basic type of insurance coverage available which helps you drive legally in India as per motor vehicles act. As the name suggests, it covers against third party  damages and losses.

Benefits of purchasing a third party insurance

  1. Coverage for third party liabilities– It covers against losses and damages occurred due to your vehicle to a third party.
  2. Peace of mind for policyholders– having a policy helps you save from unpredictable losses due to third party damages.
  3. Legal driving and protection from fines– It is mandatory to have at least third party insurance to drive legally in India. So you are legally safe and are protected against traffic fines.

What are not covered in a third party insurance

  1. Personal own damage – As the name suggests, this policy covers for only third party damages and not the damage occurring to own or self car.
  2. Drink and drive– There is an exclusion case if you are driving while drunk, then the policy will not compensate against it.
  3. Driving without a driving licence – Another case is driving without a driving licence, then you will not be compensated.

Comprehensive insurance

comprehensive insurance covers for your damages and losses due to fire, theft, natural disasters and damage caused to you or your vehicle in addition to benefits of third party insurance. This is the reason for it being so widespread.

Benefits of purchasing a comprehensive insurance

  1. It provides coverage for your car’s damage – comprehensive insurance covers for the damage occurring due to accidents, collision, fire, etc. It covers for your own or car’s damage along with third party damages too. So it can help you save money in case of any unfortunate mishap.
  2. Coverage against natural disasters – No one can guess nature’s nest move. In this insurance policy, you are also covered against natural disasters. 
  3. Compensation for theft – This insurance policy covers against theft also, resulting in compensation for your precious gift.
  4. Third party liability protection- You are compensated against damage to third party vehicles or property, resulting in complete peace of mind.
  5. Lots of add-on cover –  It also provides options for a lot of add-ons which will help you save money in some proper conditions where comprehensive insurance does not cover.
  6. zero depreciation coverIt helps you with zero depreciation cover which keeps you vehicle new always. You are saved from depreciation on parts.

What’s are not covered in a comprehensive insurance

  1. Drink and drive– If you are driving drunk and any mishap occurs, then the insurance policy will not cover for your damages.
  2. Driving without a driver’s licence– Driving without a valid driving licence will get your damage uncovered by your insurance provider.
  3. Consequential damage– Until and unless you have not taken add on, damage occurring after the accident are not covered.
  4. No proper add-on– Proper add on help you in case of any specific damage that are not covered generally. So take proper add on carefully.

Now we have discussed completely about different types of insurance coverage available out there in Bangalore. You can choose from it according to your need and use. You can also check out other articles on insurance on this site. Live smartly, Drive safely! Thanks

*Data and stats published are taken from the internet. This site is not promoting any insurance types. Do market research before choosing any insurance policy.

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