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what is consumables in car insurance

want to know about in car insurance what is consumables ? if yes then this article is for you. After reading this article you will have the completely formation about consumables of car insurance.

Is your insurance policy truly comprehensive? It additionally demands some packages for some other parts, that are called consumables. So let’s get a clear breakthrough of consumables in car insurance. 

What are consumables for car insurance ?

Consumables are the regular replaceable items such as engine oil, gear oil, grease, etc which needs to be replaced after a regular interval. They are used for a particular period of time and due to wear and tear occurring to it, they are supposed to be changed after a time interval.

There are a long list of accessories that are called consumables and obtain a key role in the car’s operation. 

The comprehensive car insurance of yours does not insure your car’s consumables accessory, instead they can be insured by opting for a proper add-on cover for consumables, which will save your money in repairs after any mishap.

What do these consumable covers insure ?

A consumable cover insures for the following parts such as – lubricants, grease, oil filter, engine oil, gearbox oil, nuts and bolts, coolants, etc. Now this consumable cover will cost you extra, as it is not covered in the comprehensive car insurance policy itself and varies according to the make and model of your car.

Valid for cars aged less than 5 years, this add-on cover insures only own damage in a comprehensive car insurance policy add-on, and does not cover third party damages. Also it is required to file a claim within three days after an accident, so you should inform the insurer as soon as possible.

What’s not covered in a consumable cover ?

Despite having a plethora of benefits, certain aspects have to be looked out that are not covered in a consumable cover for comprehensive car insurance.

  1. Driving without a driving license
  2. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  3. Regular wear and tear
  4. Using personal vehicle for commercial purposes
  5. Some electric or mechanical breakdown
  6. Delayed in information to the insurance provider
  7. Unnecessary replenishment of the consumables

Documents required to claim for consumable cover

In order to file a claim for the consumables, you should provide the documents as listed here

  1. Repair bills and receipt
  2. Insurance documents
  3. Registration documents of car
  4. Driving license

For a hassle free process, you should get your car to the registered network garage. If not, before repairing from other garages, inform the insurance provider in advance.


Even if the consumable cover add-ons cost you a little bit of extra in the premium amount, it is always advisable to select this add-on cover as it covers some important replaceable items and hence helps you save money after any mishap.

This is available for those who want to save minor expenses for parts damage and replacement. However the car should be less than five years old.

*We are not promoting any car insurance. Always do your proper research before purchasing any car insurance.

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