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what is cpa cover in car insurance

want to know about in car insurance what is cover by CPA ? if yes then this article is for you. After reading this article you will have the complete information about all the things that is covered by CPA in car insurance.

Do you know about CPA cover in car insurance? Wondered about CPA, right! CPA stands for Compulsory Personal Accident coverage which is an important term in car insurance. In this post, we will discuss CPA cover in car insurance.

CPA stands for Compulsory Personal Accident cover which insures the policyholder against disability or death due to an accident. Similar to the mandate for a third party insurance coverage, a Comprehensive Personal Accident coverage is also mandatory to drive legally. It can be chosen along with any third party insurance or a comprehensive insurance policy as well.

There is a minimum requirement of 15 lakhs personal accident coverage which renders for no matter how many cars you have and there is no need to purchase one for a single car.

What’s included in personal accident cover ?

Personal accident covers damage and insures the policyholder against death or disability due to accident. The insurance payout amount varies for different conditions of disability or death and goes up to like 100% for death and goes up to 50% for limb damage and other percentages for certain disability types.

You can also verify different payout percentages for different disability conditions on the insurance provider’s official website. You know damage due to such accidents can cost you your life savings, so there comes the CPA cover for car insurance to save yourself.

There is a minimum requirement of 15 lakhs of insurance cover, however you can adjust this amount according to your need and budget. This amount is super beneficial in the emergency case.

What are the benefits of CPA cover in car insurance ?

Some of the benefits of CPA cover in car insurance are :-

  1. Personal accident cover insures worldwide coverage without any geographical limitation to a boundary.
  2. Simple claim process and ambulance expenses are usually covered.
  3. Accidental insurance is compulsory for any mishap such as disability. 
  4. Compensation to the policyholder’s family after any mishap for financial assistance, providing security to the family.
  5. Ease of purchasing insurance due to no medical test and minimal documentation.
  6. One policy for multiple vehicles. This means you do not have to purchase a single policy for a single vehicle.


Firstly it is legally compulsory to purchase a personal accident cover of 15 lakhs and other several reasons to purchase a personal accident cover for you and your family’s financial security. Now that we have completely understood about the CPA cover in car insurance, now it’s totally upon the policyholder to get coverage of their required budget.

*This website is not promoting any insurance policy. Do proper research of your own before purchasing any policy cover.

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