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is tata aig car insurance good

want to know that car insurance of tata aig is good ? if yes then this article is for you. After reading this article you will have the complete information about car insurance that is provided by Tata AIG.

How is TATA AIG car insurance ?

Protecting your loved ones is a must and that goes with your car too. So a car insurance is must both legally and ethically. Here comes the car insurance policies that can insure your car’s damage and liabilities too after any mishap. 

Yes, TATA AIG car insurance can be a good option for you. The company has maintained a good claim settlement ratio of 75.4 % along with a lot of coverage options such as fire and theft cover, personal accident cover, etc.It provides roadside assistance also and has a 24*7 customer service. 

TATA AIG car insurance may be a good option while opting for a car insurance as it may be a convenient and budget-friendly car insurance option for you. They provide good car insurance coverage options from own damage, third party liability and natural calamities and man made damages, etc.

Features of TATA AIG car insurance

TATA AIG car insurance provides the following feature which makes it a convenient and feasible car insurance option for you:

  • Easy purchase, renewal and claiming process
  • Own damage cover, third party cover and personal accident cover
  • Claim settlement ratio of 98% for FY 2020-21
  • Lot of add-on covers available
  • Wide network of 7500+ garage network
  • No claim bonus discount provided
  • 24*7 emergency assistance
  • Cashless repairs available

What’s covered in TATA AIG car insurance

  • Theft of the car
  • Damage due to natural disaster, man-made calamities, fire and accident
  • Damage incurred during transit
  • Third party liability cover
  • Personal accident cover

What’s not covered in TATA AIG car insurance

TATA AIG car insurance policy does not provide compensation if any of the cases is found to be true.

  • Driving without a driving licence
  • Driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, etc
  • Using private vehicle for commercial purpose
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Damage due to negligence of drive
  • Damage occurring outside the geographical boundary of India

TATA AIG car insurance coverage options

TATA AIG car insurance provides different types of coverage options satisfying different needs of various car owners

  1. Comprehensive car insurance policy
  2. Standalone own damage car insurance policy
  3. Third party liability car insurance policy

If you want to know about these three types of car insurance, you can refer to other articles on this site.

Add-on covers offered by TATA AIG car insurance

TATA AIG car insurance provides 12 add-on covers that provides additional coverage along with any car insurance policy.

  • No claim bonus protection: NCB protection is a discount provided to you if you didn’t lodge any complaint in the policy period. You can fetch a 20% discount for second year premium if no claims are filled during first year and can be stretched to a discount of up to 50% for 5 years.
  • Zero depreciation: Available for those having a comprehensive or a standalone own damage cover, this add-on helps the policyholder reimburse the complete insured sum without deducing the depreciation on car’s parts until two claims are filled.
  •  Roadside assistance: assistance is provided for any emergency services such as refuelling, towing or mechanical services while in a remote location.
  • Engine replacement: Engine damage is insured for repair/replacement if this add-on cover is opted. This cover may be good for those who are in flood-prone areas, etc.
  • Glass fibre and plastic parts repair: This cover helps repair damage of glass, fibre and plastic parts after an accident without breaking NCB discount. This can be availed once for this additional cover in a comprehensive car insurance policy.
  • Tyre cover: This cover insures repair or replacement to damage of a car’s tyre/ tube after an accident.
  • Key replacement: This cover provides replacement cost of your key if it gets lost or stolen.
  • Loss of personal belonging: This cover insures you for your personal belongings such as clothes, etc but some exceptions are there as cards, jewelleries, etc.
  • Return to invoice: This add-on cover provides you the difference between compensation amount and purchase amount due to depreciation.
  • Consumable expense: This cover insures consumable items such as air conditioner gas, engine oil, gearbox oil, nut-bolts, etc after an accident.
  • Daily allowance: This cover provides you travel needs for 10-15 days after your car is at the garage post an accident.
  • Emergency transport and hotel expenses: This covers the cost of staying at a hotel overnight and transport cost to your destination post an accident. 

How to purchase TATA AIG car insurance policy ?

To purchase a TATA AIG car insurance policy online, you have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the insurer’s website and enter your car registration number
  • Click on get price for buying new policy or renewing car insurance policy
  • Fill your car details
  • Enter your personal details
  • For renewing of policy, enter previous policy detail and expiry date
  • Now select a car insurance policy
  • Select your required add-on covers and proceed
  • Now the policy premium will be shown. Click proceed to continue to purchase the policy

How to make a claim for TATA AIG car insurance ?

Here are the steps for making a claim for TATA AIG car insurance:

  • Call on the insurer’s toll free number or for claiming online head over to the insurer’s website.
  • Check the claim request page and enter necessary details.
  • You will get self-inspection link containing all details regarding your claim on your registered mobile number
  • The company will survey and inspect the damage reported
  • Upon successful claim you will get an option for your damage reimbursement or cashless claims at the company’s garage network
  • Keep the documents ready and track the status on the insurer’s website.


Now we have discussed TATA AIG car insurance, you have understood completely about the features,add-on covers, converge options and the various processes to purchase, renew or claim a car insurance. TATA AIG car insurance provides different coverage with a lot of add-on covers at a cost effective price and convenient way. 

Now it’s totally upon the user, its need and budget for choosing a car insurance. Also a proper thorough research and calculation is needed before choosing an insurance. Thanks 

*Numbers and data provided here are taken from the internet. Do your proper research before purchasing any insurance policy.

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